Winner Computer Group

We Satisfy You with Price, Power & Value ..............since 1897.


We offer premium consultation services in regards to technology and infrastructure to our clients. We solve all the problems that the clients present to us from an innovative standpoint.

IT Equipment Retailing:

We deal in the sale, distribution and installing of a wide array of products related to IT and computer hardware including custom bulit PC's, iBC Laptops, and a host of different wireless devices. We are the leading certified retailers of authorized and well reputed IT Company's worldwide.


We offer sevices in installing and maintenance of wired as well as wireless networks.We specialize in LAN, WAN  and Intranet services.We also install and provide state of the art Network Security and Network Protection mechanisms.

Software Development:

We offer software development solutions to our clients meeting the desired expectation. Our software development team consists of highly motivated engineers and programmers.We also specialize in mobile application development and website desing.

IT Education:

We offer various courses to help train minds within the field of IT. Our catalog consists of basic courses and certications in IT, Post Graduate Diploma courses as well as Undergraduate Diploma courses.We have highly experienced and knowledge faculty and our teaching programs is unique since we offer practical knowledge as well as theoretical one.

If you have any IT related problem that you want a rliable and cost effictive solution to, or you want to learn and train yourself in an efficient manner with all the knowledge of the IT field, please do not hesitate fo contact us . Thank You.